I Can


To take a can and convert it into a pinhole camera is something that many photographers have done and will keep doing for the next millennium.

A positive black&white paper is the sensitive support recording the light and image, following the ancient camera obscura principles. The negative resulting is the either scanned and inverted into a positive image, or simply reprinted with another black and white paper.

Distortions and a plethora of defects enrich the resulting pictures, as only such an analogue technique can obtain.

I can too


To underline:

I love all kind of films, slides, plates or phisical support, and keep riding the sweet old style analog photography.

But more I love graphic and photography “tout-court”.

Thus, the digital era offers tools and more options, that not to explore would be unwise.

I am wise, and here I present some small projects, realized through¬†a mobile phone’s camera ¬†(iPhone4).

Blending pixels: here’s what I got.

IMG_3310 1